Mitra Kokusai Indonesia(MKI) have the goal to share with the development of a daily life and environment keeping the respective better relationships based on the bond of Indonesia and Japan.

We think that several projects and activities could be performed in order to realize this goal.

In Japan, it has just come to the period called 'super ageing society', and then it has become obvious that social system have problems such as 'provincial population drain', 'working population decreasing' and 'pension receiving' specialized in developed countries.

The decrease in working population is changing the structure of 'manufacturing' which is the basis of the made in Japan, products developed in Japan shall be manufactured in oversea, as if only brain were remained in Japan, body were still in Japan. At last manufacturing and sales department would be changed to the  production system which depend on the overseas market.

On the other hand, as it is obvious from the average age of Indonesia is 29 years old (on the other hand,45 years old in Japan) ,Indonesia is the developing country with potentiality in coming project far from developed country such as Japan.I think that each countries shall be brought profit in condition of the combination ways on Japan and Indonesia.

We use word 'Mitra', which means partner in Indonesia, in our company name. That means 'International Partner'. So we will participate in project as an Indonesian partner for international development showed in company name.

We have the goal to invite a high qualified technology and products, which are expected to be developed in oversea, from Japan to Indonesia or from Indonesia to Japan. Our mission shall be thought what develop sustainable projects with activities and potentialities as a project partner in Indonesia.

We are looking forward to working with you sincerely in near future .


PT. Mitra Kokusai Indonesia

Company Overview

Founder : Hiroshi Saito

Reprsentative :

President director : Agung Budi Hartanto. Graduated the master course at Kyushu University. Graduated the bachelor course at Kyushu University.

Location :

JAKARTA OFFICE : Ruko Taman Kebalen Indah Blok 6-1 No. 25 RT.07 RW.16, Kebalen, Babelan, Bekasi, West Java, Indonesia

FUKUOKA OFFICE : Fukuoka growth next 1F, 2-6-11 Daimyo, Chuouku, Fukuoka,Japan
Foundation Day : January,2015
Partner : Japanese 2 persons , Indonesian 2 persons
Staff :10 persons
Specialization : In the field of science and technologies such as Electrical and Electronic Systems, Mechanical, Architecture.


PT. Mitra  Kokusai  Indonesia

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