◇ Creation of new environment

We create new environment as a result of developing international project which have a high potential concept with connecting each of countries and peoples.

For thinking out concept to be developed in overseas, we need the understandings base on real local environment, custom ,and people.Not only you try to apply your logic into another countries but also need idea of the local situation by thought by international professional team.

Our mission shall direct both people life into the better way by the result of new project realized through our works.

◇ Profession as 'International project developer'

Based on this situation, we think that we want our profession as international project developer who lead toward new frontier by executed each phase of project, who understand about common sense for both countries in due course.

We promote duties as each project director & manager from the first phase of master plan to development phase and more. And we also ,as local partner for project development in overseas, lead the client to the success with deriving their own potential

◇ Business chance and Risk

This means that there are many cases in the each phase of project to be decided by person in charge for discretion which are their own experience and common sense .

In other words, there are still many possibilities for stakeholder related to realize project ,which they couldn’t ever perform in Japan because of their compliance to their belonging society.

Although Japanese business standards would not apply for another counties, it is important for us to revise and develop these standards to local version in any fields

Above thoughts could be applied for the another foreign client in case that they would develop their own project and activities in Japan.

On the other hand, the situation for the standard has not been established on site bring risk for the client.This means that project manager may changes our design, consequently this leads to a decline of design performance promptly.

In the design phase, design quality can be kept in accordance with local condition by using standard CAD data or another calculation program.
However on  site there are many case that project manager have not been implemented based on design drawing because of luck of their skill.

Even project manager belonging to japanese general company still don't understand the system of project management which accompany with confirmation and reporting requirement to supervisor and administration.
This is the reason why the necessities of international project director & manager familiar to both domestic and overseas works have increased more and more in future.

◇   Team of Company sharing with their philosophy

The more globalization will be advance, the more optimization of business will be needed to understand of cultural difference of each country.

We are sure that international business oppotunity shall be increased it's potentiality  by making oberseas and Japanse business people interchange each other.
This means that our life of quality shall be wealthty more and more.

It is just our concept, and the energy to drive to new business frontier as an International project developer.

The world shall be changed in creativity and an intellectual power; This is what we want to share with many people.

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